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Eziz Erkin economical society, SP

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Оразов Сулейман Мухамметалиевич
Оразов Сулейман Мухамметалиевичexport manager
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Turkmenistan city Ashgagabat Mahtumkuli shayoly
Turkmenistan city Ashgagabat Mahtumkuli shayoly
Register:  3 June 2021
Activity index: F1.6
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Еziz Erkin is an organization based in Turkmenistan. Our company exports goods from several existing well-known factories in Turkmenistan. The main mission is to fulfill the needs of customers, to provide goods with favorite types of transportation at the buyer's decision. The organization "Eziz Erkin" differs from other organizations - a wide range, guarantee and quality of products, reliability, stability, favorable price and an individual approach to each client.

Address - Turkmenistan / city Ashgabat / street Makhtumkuly shaeli. 99365386448. (Telegram, WhatsApp) Instagram /

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Шариковая ручка
Eziz Erkin economical society, SP, TM
Цена (FCA): от0,014 - до0,020$/штук. Минимальная количества для заказа:100000 шт. Условия доставки: EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF. Условия оплаты:...
Одеяло из шерсти армейское от производителя
Eziz Erkin economical society, SP, TM
Цена: 8$/штук. Полиэстер или хлопок (по заказу клиента): 30%. Шерсть: 70%. Условия оплаты: доллар США, евро Продукт сертифицирован ....
All company ads: 2
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