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Job from 23 August 2022

QA Automation Engineer in Ashgabat

remote work, work experience from 2 years and above
Antonychava Natalie, sourcing specialistFlagma member since 11 August 2022
Antonychava Natalie
Sourcing specialist
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Job description

Andersen, an international IT company, invites a QA Automation Engineer to work on a large-scale project for one of our US customers.

The project is a smart search platform intended for accessing documents that are not publicly available on the Internet. The platform is targeted at technicians and engineers engaged in innovation (e.g. Toyota R&D).

The customer is a global US information company ranked 11th on Forbes’ list of the fastest-growing innovative companies. It creates a unique software product of its own design, the users of which are world-renowned companies (NASA, Samsung, Sony, etc.).


- Designing software testing plans and creating and executing both manual and automated tests;

- Coordinating the work of your team members to resolve the issues assigned to your team;

- Monitoring the product quality and coordinating the resolution of issues assigned to teams;

- Participating in the testing of the product functioning during CI/CD processes;

- Organizing and monitoring the defect management process within teams;

- Influencing the inclusion of testing during the design, development, and improvement of the product;

- Testing the product at all phases of its life cycle, including production;

- Interfacing with developers within the project to obtain clear test results and the regression area.


- Experience in software testing for 2+ years;

- Experience in developing automation systems based on Selenium WebDriver using and xUnit Testing Frameworks;

- Experience in testing web applications Core, microservices, and AngularJS);

- Understanding of the CI/CD process;

- Experience with SQL;

- Experience with PowerShell;

- Experience with sniffer tools (Fiddler, etc.);

- Experience in testing web applications in the cross-browser and cross-device modes using automated tools;

- Experience in writing/executing both automation and manual test scripts/cases;

- Experience with Agile methodologies;

- Experience with REST APIs;

- Understanding of how client-server architecture works;

- Level of English – from Intermediate.


- Experience with Azure DevOps;

- Experience with Protractor and JS;

- Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, SonarQube, and WhiteSource;

- Experience with AWS;

- Experience with Kibana and Grafana;

- Experience with the Swagger toolset;

- Experience with message brokers, such as RabbitMQ;

- Experience with performance and load testing;

- Experience with monitoring tools.

Reasons why this job would be interesting to you:

- At Andersen, you will enhance your CV by working on projects for such global brands as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, and many others. Our company never runs out of good projects, so you won’t stay on the sidelines;

- You will be able to learn something new every day. If you want to change your domain or technology, we will help you with this. After all, Andersen has a huge knowledge base and a strong resource management institution;

- Our employees work from anywhere in the world: at the company's offices or from home, and even combine both formats in the way that suits them best. Coworking with compensation is also possible;

- You will have a stable competitive USD-pegged salary and enjoy an extensive benefit package. Also, if you want to, you will be able to increase your income by taking on additional activities;

- Your career will be in your hands! We offer a clear assessment system and draw a roadmap to your goals. Develop as a specialist or manager, and your achievements will be appreciated at their true value.

We invite you to join our team!

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